Founded in 2000, the company is located in the Laoshan District of Qingdao, which is a port city, and specializes in the production and development of functional products.


Mainly engaged in the operation of functional and differentiated yarn fabrics, the company has developed a series of products after years of efforts in independent innovation, including cold contact, super heating, instant deodorization and antibacterial, intelligent temperature regulation, anti-virus, and anti-ultraviolet products.

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Domestic department:
Mr. Mou
13969719139  0532-68078900

Japan Department:
Mr. He
Tel:13964853351  0532-68078900

Europe and America Department:
Miss Mou
Tel:13156903909  0532-68078900

Address: Room 303, Innovation E, No. 1, Haier Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province

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